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Hey guys, I found this really cool interveiw with Evgeni. You can find the whole interveiw here


but, I thought I'd share this little bit concerning Yags and Plush.

* IFS: And you have always been the perfect son? Surely there must have been at least one time you really disobeyed Mishin?

Plushenko: I was quite young, around 11 or 12. Already I was having knee problems and one day at the rink — we were training in Italy —I complained to him and said that I was in such pain that I could not skate. He said, “Okay. Go back to the apartment and take a rest and get some sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said, “Sure, see you later.” Then (laughing) Alexei Yagudin came. He said, “Let’s go play football.” I was a kid, so what do you think I did? Of course, I started to play football, or soccer as you call it. After only 10 minutes Mishin came by and he got rather upset saying, “I told you to go home!” I said, “Okay, we’re done, I’m leaving.” Then, Mishin left. We still kept playing. Five minutes later, Mishin came back again, now only this time he was really angry. He grabbed my shoulder and dragged me to the bus, yelling, “You don’t understand what you’re doing! You’re going to really injure your knee.” When he first started to reach for me, I tried to block him with my right hand and in the process broke my finger.

IFS: Which finger did he break?

Plushenko: (Laughing) My middle finger.

IFS: Did you tell your parents?

Plushenko: Yes (laughing). They said, “You’re a stupid kid. Next time listen to your coach.” I want to say only good things about him though. He is a great coach. Everything I have, I owe to him.  *

Hehe, that Yags was a bad influence on the Plush. LOL. Poor Plush's finger!!

Also, in the interveiw it says something about Yags wanting to do a show with Evgeni, which I thought was interesting. That would be SO cool.

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